LMI Toolkit: Using the Government of Canada Job Bank

Accessing Current Labour Market Information for the Supply Chain Sector

The Job Bank, a Government of Canada webtool, has valuable labour market information that can assist supply chain sector stakeholders.

How to Use the Government of Canada Job Bank: On the Job Bank "Explore Careers" page, enter the occupation for which you are searching for labour market information. You can simply use the NOC code if you know it (the NOCs of the supply chain sector's 26 occupations are listed on our Supply Chain Sector Facts and Figures sheet) or the job title or occupation that you are looking for. If you enter a job title, you will be asked to confirm that the selection describes the occupation you're interested in. If it does, click on "continue." If not, use the list that appears to select from similar occupations.

Next, enter a city or postal code for to indicate the part of the country for which you want LMI. The report generated by the system will provide details on the chosen occupation in the chosen area. You can access information about:

  • Jobs

  • Wages

  • Outlook

  • Education & Job Requirements